Lighting and light irradiation systems

  • Systems custom-tailored to client requirements
  • Calculation of lenses and lens systems
  • Calculation with High-Power LEDs
  • Complex optical fibre systems
  • Light source simulation (e.g. from high power LEDs, arc lamps or halogen lamps) and precise analysis of light radiation characteristics
  • Determination of illuminance and irradiance respectively, luminous and radiant intensity respectively and the distribution of the absorbed optical power in bodies
  • Import of 3D CAD models into optical analyses and determination of optical characteristics (reflexion, scatter, absorption etc.)
  • Design and optimisation of injection moulded components using light and light radiation technologies

Industrial image processing

  • OEM units for the illumination of work pieces (e.g. illumination of problem work piece geometries for CCD camera monitoring).
  • Projectors for lines, strips and samples for surface inspection

Laser technology

  • Optical calculation of laser beam control and beam formation (using refractive and diffractive DOE components etc.)
  • Development and construction of laser material processing units with optical analysis (e.g. development and construction of pump lenses for diode-pumped solid-state lasers, beam control systems, welding optical systems and processing optical systems).

Lens development

  • Analysis and construction of special lenses (UV to NIR)

Projection and image reproduction systems

  • e.g. special projectors and monitoring systems



All areas of precision engineering

  • Component and instrument construction
  • Adjustment systems, mountings etc.

Medical technology

  • Especially instruments with integrated light elements (endoscopes, ophthalmological instruments, head lamps etc.).

Signal technology

  • Traffic signals, hazard signals, warning beacons, position lights